INTRODUCING! Penguin Brawl – Game Rules

Penguin Brawl is a fast paced card game about the thrill of glorious battle, in which it’s your job to summon a penguin, arm it to the teeth, and use any means necessary to lay waste to your opponents.

The game consists of 102 cards, split between 2 decks of 51 cards each. We recommend 3-6 players for the standard mode, however Penguin Brawl can be played with up to 12 players by adding Expansions.

Penguin Brawl: Heroes of Pentarctica goes live on Kickstarter on 15th August 2017. We are very much looking forward to launch day, and invite everyone to get involved with our pre-Kickstarter campaign on the run up to launch. #YearofthePenguin

Official Rules Sheet - Page 1

Official Rules Sheet - Page 2

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