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Penguin Brawl: Heroes of Pentarctica is a fast-paced action card game about penguins, deception and the thrill of glorious battle!

The game itself is deceptively simple to learn, as all major game rules are clearly printed on the cards. Learn what each type does, get to know the basics, and away you go; the rest is down to how you play. Don’t let the simplicity fool you however, as this game is all about taking advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses and using any means to steal, manipulate or vaporize your way to victory. You may soon regret your nefarious dealings though, as your enemies may lose, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from them! This isn’t that type of game… and they will have their vengeance!

Players take turns drawing from their choice of two decks, and by using a mix of Penguins, Equipment, Trinkets, Spells, Instants, & Curses, it is their job to take every other player as a personal affront, and destroy them by any means necessary.

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We recommend 3-6 players in standard, however Penguin Brawl can be played with 2-12 players by adding Expansions and playing in “Head 2 Head” and “Penguins Gone Wild” modes.

Penguin Brawl - How to Play Banner.png

To start, separate cards into “Penguin” and “Action” decks, as indicated by the backs. Thoroughly shuffle both and deal 3 from each to every player. Finally, get yourself a piece of paper and give all players 5 points.

Penguin Brawl - Howe To Play - Playing Board.png

Claim victory by reducing every other player’s points to zero, while protecting your own. How? Easy! If you have a penguin in play during your turn and your opponent doesn’t, you can attack them directly and remove one point from their total, and begin their downfall. Many cards allow you to steal points and add them to your own, which can be downright nefarious at times…

Cards for stealing points are mostly found in the Action deck, and cards for removing points in the Penguin deck.

Penguin Brawl - Card Types Banner

Penguin Brawl - Character Scrolling

Penguin Cards are your main attack and defence against enemies. The left number represents attack, the right health. These decide the winner in any Penguin-on-Penguin combat. Damage goes both ways and a penguin is defeated when its health hits zero. Multiple penguins can attack a single target within the same turn for stackable damage. Penguins cannot attack the turn they’re played unless stated otherwise, and at the beginning of every turn all health values return to full.

Penguin Brawl - Weapons Scrolling

Weapon Cards boost attack. Any weapon can be equipped to any penguin. Only one weapon can be equipped at a time, but they can be equipped alongside armour. For added power, all weapons combo uniquely with a specific penguin. Each clearly states which, and equipping to a matching penguin gives a double bonus to attack gained. When a penguin receives fatal damage, an equipped weapon can be discarded to avoid defeat in a single instance.

Penguin Brawl - Armour Cards Scrolling

Armour Cards work the same way as weapons in all regards with one exception: armour boosts health instead of attack.

Penguin Brawl - Trinket Cards Scrolling

Trinkets Cards are played directly on yourself, and each has a unique effect. Trinkets can be used the turn they’re equipped, and have a bonus effect that can be activated with the correct combo. This secondary effect can only be used if the user also owns the combining penguin.

Penguin Brawl - Spells Scrolling

Spell Cards can only be used during their owner’s turn. The effect of each spell should be dictated by the card’s instructions. Spells also have a secondary effect, but unlike equipment, a spells combo can be activated if the combining penguin is active anywhere in the game.

Penguin Brawl - Instants Scrolling

Instant Cards play in the same way as spells, with one difference: instants can be played at any time; be this before another player’s turn, during combat, or even the moment you’re knocked out of the game. Be creative!

Penguin Brawl - Curse Cards Scrolling.gif

Curse Cards are to be played the moment they are drawn for immediate effect, and there are only two exceptions to this rule. These are if you draw a curse during your opening hand, or if a card expressly tells you to keep any “Play When Drawn” cards. In both instances, these become instants to be played at the discretion of the owner. Curses appear in both Penguin and Action decks.

Penguin Brawl - Rogue Penguins Banner.png

When a player hits zero points, they can no longer win the game, but that doesn’t mean they’re out! Upon defeat, players discard their hand and any trinkets. On their next turn they become a Rogue. Rogues cannot draw from the Action deck or equip trinkets, but they still draw the same number of cards as everyone else. Any penguins drawn go directly into play and any weapons or armour are equipped to any penguins they have. Unlike other players, Rogues’ penguins can attack first turn! They must first attack active penguins before they can attack a player’s points directly.

Penguin Brawl has been made with expansion and customisation in mind. Removing and adding penguins is done by identifying each card set by the number in the top left corner. This customizable element makes Penguin Brawl a unique mix of one part stand-alone, one part TCG. We intend to release a whole host of colourful expansions which will cause every game owner’s deck to end up completely different to others. We’ve got some great characters and interesting game rules lined up for future expansions. So many that we want to give everyone the chance to get their hands on a whole load of extra cards. So, for this we turn to rewards and stretch goals!

Rewards PERFECT.png

We wanted each reward to be more special than the last, but we didn’t want to overcomplicate matters by offering unattainable rewards that could slow down development/manufacture. All our rewards have been sourced and sampled, so getting them ready for our expected delivery will be a cake-walk.

Penguin Brawl - Pentarctica Goodies.png

Add the indicated amount to your pledge to receive any of our Pentarctica goodies. A survey will be sent out following a successful campaign in which you get to choose your goodies.

Stretch Goals Banner.png

Our stretch goals are simple. We have literally hundreds of characters and cards mapped out and ready to create, and how well we do defines how many awesome new cards will be included. Unlocking six achievements from our board will start the ball rolling, with a new character along with their three combining cards added to the standard game. This applies to every reward level. From six onwards, every two new achievements unlocks another set of cards. At 18 achievements we will be upgrading the game box to have more room for extra cards.

Stretch Goals Image - PERFECT.png

At 34 achievements our community has officially done what we thought was impossible. At this level, we want to be giving everyone something super special. So, we return to our vault of characters, to create and distribute alongside the standard game the first full expansion, Penguin Brawl: Battle of the Gods.

To achieve all this, we’ve given you 42 achievements with which to get the job done! We really want to create and ship Battle of the Gods with the standard game because we think it’s awesome, so we don’t want to make the achievements too hard, but we also can’t make them too easy, because where would the fun be in that? So, get going and help us fill up the achievement board, earning yourselves some awesome new cards in the process.

Achievements Board.png

Penguin Brawl - Facebook Button

Penguin Brawl - Twitter Button.png

If you like the sound of all that, then Penguin Brawl may be the game for you! Get yourself over to those pledge buttons and help us turn this penguin-obsessed dream into a reality. Be exceptionally awesome and go for one of our higher rewards if you feel extra pumped or just like fancy things.

We love making games and we want to keep doing it! To do this, we turn to Kickstarter and ask the question: do you want to play a card game about cuddly, weaponised, cartoon penguins beating lessons into likewise tooled-up and heavily armoured penguins? Do you want to take the seemingly innocent rules and bend them to suit your nefarious plottings to crush your opponents with swift and hilarious punishment? If yes, then make it so, and help us create awesome games. Because games are for fun, and sometimes we need some nonsense!

With love and squishy penguin hugs,

Anthony Harris & Charlie Campbell (RTK Studios Game Developer & Lead Artist)

Pentarctica Needs You - Uncle Sam From Penguin Brawl: Heroes of Pentarctica

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