Penguin Brawl: Battle of the Gods Retail Box FrontBattle of the Gods is the first micro-expansion for Penguin Brawl and adds 30 new cards to the game which comprise of six new character cards and their associated gear, spells and instants.

Battle of the Gods also adds a brand new mechanic to Penguin Brawl in the form of Blessings. Blessings work in a similar way to curses wherein they must be played the moment they are drawn, however Blessings, as the name suggests, do nice things, unlike their curse counterparts which are specifically there to ruin your day.

New characters include Zeus, Ra, Odin, Ah-Muzen-Cab, Anansi and Jupiter. This expansions characters are based on the Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Mayan and Akan pantheons.

Battle of the Gods DEMO Print and Play banner

Penguin Brawl: Heroes of Pentarctica is a fast-paced action card game about penguins, deception and the thrill of glorious battle!

The game itself is deceptively simple to learn, as all major game rules are clearly printed on the cards. Learn what each type does, get to know the basics, and away you go; the rest is down to how you play. Don’t let the simplicity fool you however, as this game is all about taking advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses and using any means to steal, manipulate or vaporize your way to victory. You may soon regret your nefarious dealings though, as your enemies may lose, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from them! This isn’t that type of game… and they will have their vengeance!

Players take turns drawing from their choice of two decks, and by using a mix of Penguins, Equipment, Trinkets, Spells, Instants, & Curses, it is their job to take every other player as a personal affront, and destroy them by any means necessary.

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